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Rabodirect/Rabobank Online Savings

Rabodirect/Rabobank Online Savings

RaboDirect has been operating as the online savings sector of Rabobank. The positive comments from RaboDirect customers have shown us they really appreciate the fact that their savings are used to support New Zealand’s food producers and agrobusiness. Due to the positive remarks gotten from Robodirect customers, Rabodirect has decided to put out an online savings platform bringing customers and farming clients together under one brand, called Rabobank. Due to this new development RaboDirect will be changing to Rabobank Online Savings and bringing our websites together as

On the new website, customers will have easy access to online banking, product information, help and support and contact details. You’ll find your products and accounts under Rabobank Online Savings.

Founded by farmers in Netherland in the year 1898, the Rabobank Group continues has been investing in a sustainable food future for all, supporting the production of more food, using less of the world’s precious resources. Rabobank cooperative values means that they are accountable to only their clients and communities, not to shareholder demands like many other banks, They focus 100% on thier goal of helping farmers grow sustainably to feed a growing world population.

Rabodirect/Rabobank is the world’s leading agribusiness bank, the Rabobank Group finances over $145bn in the food and agriculture sector globally. They also support small and micro farmers toward self-sufficiency in 22 emerging and developing countries through the Rabo Foundation.

“Working for Rabobank is enjoyable and rewarding. Our customers are great advocates because our people enjoy building lasting relationships – they respect the experience of our teams, and the fact we only do rural lending proves to them we’re here for the long-haul.”

Ryan FrewArea Manager Agribusiness, Otago

Connecting people, sharing knowledge

Rabobank is on the ground with their agribusiness clients. Across New Zealand, our network of 220 rural specialists has built up a bank of local, on-farm and financial knowledge.

They’re backed up by experts in sustainable farm systems, commodity prices, foreign exchange risk management and more. Add to that more than 80 international food and agribusiness analysts and a global network of literally millions of farmers across 40 countries.

As a Rabobank client, you can tap into knowledge that can help you make even smarter business decisions, and create and develop business opportunities overseas and along the supply chain.

“Being raised in West Otago, I’ve really enjoyed being part of the Rabobank team in the Otago region. I’m working in the farming community where my own family farmed for many years and even have a number of clients I went to school with.”

Brent IrvingRabobank Agribusiness Manager, Otago


About Rabodirect/ Rabobank Online Savings

If you’re saving with Rabobank Online Savings you’re growing your money, and more. Every single dollar that you and other savers, deposit helps fund’s New Zealand’s agribusiness division.

What To Expect From Rabobank Online Saving

As the name implies, Rabobank Online Savings specialises in savings. You can do everything online, including opening an account, supported by their Wellington based customer service team.

You can get the best of both banking worlds: be a Rabobank Online Savings customer while using your current bank for those usual banking products like EFTPOS, cheques, credit cards, loans and mortgages.

Banking For Food

Rabodirect /Rabobank also specializes in food security with thier Banking for Food initiative, They are concentrated on four major areas:

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