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Make money online scams you should never fall for

There are so many Make money online scams on the internet. Many have fallen victims of these scams and many will still continue to fall victim.

If you do not want to be a victim or have fallen victim once but don’t want to be a victim the second time, please take your time to read this post.

There are so many online earning opportunities. However, some individuals have played people and insulted the name of online jobs such that people are now afraid to invest in any online business. One thing you should know about online businesses is that they are usually easier to start and make money than most offline businesses. Also, they are cheaper and more affordable.

Let us take a case study of some of the people are making a full time income from online businesses. People like Harsh Agrawal of,. Linda ikeji, Neil Patel, Jide Ogunsanya and many ore. You see that online earning actually exists.

After this post, I promise your eyes will be opened to scam businesses online.Some of these scam sites do not ask you to pay while others do. There are also  some legit online businesses that ask you to pay to join like nnu, rant money etc. But beware as some of them, may just be a big waste of your time, energy and resources. These make money online scams are everywhere.

Before we dive into the main gist for the day, may we look at some of the most legit online businesses that are sure to earn you cash when you do them well.

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Blogging
  3. freelancing
  4. Youtubing
  5. Sell websites
  6. Domain parking
  7. Real estate agency
  8. Create a membership site
  9. Create a niche website
  10. CPA marketing
  11. Become an online tutor
  12. Sell on Konga
  13. Do URL shortening
  14. Sell photos
  15. Sell ebooks on kindle

These are some of the most legit online businesses you can always be sure of. If they don’t work out for you, you may feel free to try another. If none of them works, then there must be something you have been doing wrong.

Let us talk about the different ways to spot online scammers.

  1. You are asked for personal information: Thre may ask you for information about your bank details or BVN, Social Security Number, Driver’s license or checking account. You can give them your email.
  2. You are asked to pay for something: Like I mentioned earlier, they ask you to pay for registration or they may even tell you to pay to receive your check. Do not fall for this.
  3. Spam emails: They spam your email with different nonsense. Their emails are usually falling in the spam folder. A legit and credible business email will be in your inbox folder.  Once you see those three signs, run for your life!

Enough of the chit chat and let me reveal the biggest make money online scams you must never depend on.

  1. PTC Sites: PTC is an acronym for “Paid-To-Click’. They are sites that claim to pay you to click on adverts which other people display on their sites. This is the most useless timer wasting online making money opportunity.  If you are so desperate and jobless, you may go for it. But most of them are not legit. The only Legit PTC sites are scralet clicks, Neobux and clixsense. These ones pay you about $0.0002 per click and have cashout threshold of $2. If you do your math, you see you need up to 1000 clicks to get $2 which is nothing compared to what you can get on one successful affiliate sale.  Other scam PTC sites claim to pay you up to $100 per click which is very fake. How on earth will you earn $100 on one click. Example of these fake PTC sites are WhogoPTR and any sites that end with .club, .online, Do not fall for them.
  2. Paid to survey: Some people also pay you to perform surveys online. They are not always scams but are time wasters. You can earn $1.5 per survey but the next you receive another survey invitation might be when Jesus comes. You will opnly make less than $5 per month while waiting for surveys. Instead of waiting, simply invest your time in something more meaningful like blogging or programming. They are some of the hotcakes on the internet right now. Paid to survey sites like survey savvy, data diggers and many other are legit and pay but do not just depend on them alone as they are not completely trust worthy.
  3. Paid to read emails: Yes, don’t be surprised than there are sites that actually pay you to read emails. They send emails to you daily and pay you when you open them but many of them are big scams and end of spamming your email with nonsense. If you start this business without any knowledge of how it runs, you will be addicted to it not knowing you have been wasting your time all the while. One of the greatest make money online scams people fall for. They send same emails everyday or week, depending on how they work. When you open them,, your dashboard which you have with them immediately credits you with $5 or more and keeps going on like that until you reach threshold and find out that you can not even withdraw your earnings. This is another make money online scam many have fallen for. Don’t be a victim.
  4. Flip cash: There are these set of scammers that offer to help you flip your money and turn it into four times what you pay them for. You can find them on instagram with the handle “Mr Andrew flip cash” or anyone that has “flip” in his name. They claim to be western union agents that pay you x4 of what you want to flip. Do not fall for them because this is the latest online scam in the business now.
  5. Fake facebook cheques:  Some fraudsters nowadays design fake facebook cheques with your name on it and ask you to pay a ridiculously huge some of money to get it to your doorsteps. This is then lowest form of online scams and it is surprising people are rapidly falling for it. They will send you a message saying you just won a lottery with them and show you your cheque with your name and full details on it. Don’ t answer them,, they are scams.
  6. Those are the 5 crazy make money online scams people fall for today. Do not be a victim. If you want to invest in an online business, make sure you have good knowledge first before investing.

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