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Double your Data with MTN

Double your data with MTN: Wow, another hit for the the internet mongers,  data purchase sometimes can so demand your high financial responsibility as it get expensive by day, not just getting expensive but the value decreases rapidly, i can remember back then when your 10mb could do a lot, but now, might not completely load some web pages on destop view. buth there is a little sigh of relief/ have your heared of the MTN double your DATA On MTN, you might have come across the Double Data Offer but felt lacadesical in trying it, this plan multiplies your data by 100%. For instance, if you subscribe to 5GB monthly plan, you will receive free 5GB accumulating it to 10GB monthly plan and it doesn’t zap unusually.

the double your data with mtn  is supposed to be available to all MTN SIM card but the Mobile telecom is better-off making it ineligible for most sim but if your SIM is not eligible don’t worry, there is a solution. Follow the below procedure;

Send PROMO via sms to 131, A message like this “thank you for your request for device bundle at naira 1/day” it will arrive, don’t worry, Reply with 1 and then choose any MTN data plan below and subscribe.

and gbam, you are there, congratulations in Advance.

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