About Us


JUMBO EARNS was created on the 1st of June, 2020. The webmaster is located in Nigeria. This our sweet platform is here to give legit information, guide and help people understand the technology around them.

Jumbo Earns Objective

The main aim and reason we created jumboearns are to feed the world information about technology, also to help guide many people on how to do many things they cant do. All the information released here on jumboearns is to help people from far and near who have smartphones and can search and read.

About the Founder

My name is Ezisi Paschal, known as Mr Paschal the founder of jumboearns.com. I’m a blogger living in Nigeria. I like to share information about our recent technology and help and guide people who visit my blog on different categories.

Things We Write About

We write only on few of the below categories on our blog:

  • Finance/Economy
  • Technology

This is the list of what we are writing on jumboearns.