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Everything You Need to Know About 9mobile BlazeOn – Time Based Data Plans

Some weeks ago, 9Mobile (formally called Etisalat) unveiled their personal time based BlazeOn data plan, running thru an app called Blaze On, powered via Comptel’s FWD.
It appears we are judging the data plan wrongly. 9Mobile time based data plan has 4 unique plans, 10mins, 15mins, 30mins & 1 hour timely plan, none of those plans are unlimited and 9Mobile in no way declared it as limitless plan, although they make the data plan not understandable. The message released by 9Mobile is “purchase data in mins, purchase data in hours”, no further details about the plan.
in case you don’t know, i am confirming it for you currently that 9Mobile Blazeon time based data plans has fair data usage, i.e. a particular quantity of data is capped to every plan. See the data restrict of every of the plans below:
10min plan of N50 is capped at 230MB
15min plan of N70 is capped at 350MB
30min plan of N120 is capped at 780MB
1hour plan of N200 is capped at 1580MB (1.5GB)
I don’t know why Mtn,Glo,Airtel and 9Mobile.  in Nigeria will proved to us and offer us the genuine unlimited data plan with less price, in spite it’s a time based data plan, they cannot provide us an infinite data plan.
but, with the fair usage coverage connected to 9Mobile time based data plans, I suppose it’s miles nonetheless one of the quality data plan. Getting 1.5GB for simply N200.
If the 9Mobile network is good to your locality and you’ve got better things to do with internet data, like downloading, upgrading/updating the device and Smartphones. you may truely love this plan while you give it a trial.
For now, the app is available for Android customers, however is probably rolled out for iOS device very soon. The plan can’t be used at once on a laptop except via tethering from an Android device.
To subscribe to Any of The BlazeOn timely data Plan
out of your Android device, text “blazeon” to 229 or simply download & install the blaze on app.
Download Blaze On from Google Playstore.


Blazeon do not have pause alternative, in case you aren’t ready to use it, don’t set up the plan
in case you do not have sufficient battery in your phone to sustain you for that unique time, don’t set off the plan.
if you don’t have strong 9Mobile network in your location, don’t set off the plan, otherwise your cash could be a waste.

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